Through TNY, you can now easily employ our professional Smart Helpers to assist you with your chores, provide care for the elderly and the kids. Our flexible service plans can be customised to suit your needs perfectly. With everything under one roof, you can be sure to enjoy a simple and hassle free employment process when dealing with us.

Simply download and fill the form and our friendly customer service personnel will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Notes to State/Include in Application
Relevant Work Experience
A helper with relevant experience is more capable of taking care of the elderly
Language Requirements
Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Malay or other dialects
Must Have Skills
Elderly care, cooking and etc
Contract Period
2 Years
Full time/Part time
Working Hours/Working Days
(for part time helpers)
Working hours and number of working days per week, etc

Pre-Recruitment Information & Tips

Before registering a vacancy with us, you may refer to the instruction tips below:

Household Cleaning
Areas of the House to Cover
Eg: Cleaning the bedrooms, living room, toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, rooftop, yard, ceiling, and other parts of the house
Description of Duties and Requirements
Eg: Changing bed sheets, mopping the floor, cleaning windows and etc.
Frequency of Duties
Eg: Changing bed sheets once a week, cleaning windows once a month, and etc

Washing and Ironing
Washing Methods
Eg: Hand washing or dry-cleaning delicate clothing made of uncommon material, and separating any clothing that are prone to discolouration while washing, etc
Description of Duties and Requirements
Eg: Changing bed sheets, mopping the floor, cleaning windows and etc

Meal Preparation
Meal Choices
Eg: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Frequency of Meal Preparation
Eg: Preparing dinner every day
Budget/Where to Buy/When to
Eg: To purchase ingredients for a said number of meals catering to how many, within a given budget, from where, and how often. (The expenses should be disbursed each time or once a week, and additional loose change should be given for the purchase of personal belongings, transportation etc.)

Family Care
Type of Care Required
Eg: Feeding, personal care, clinic escort and etc
Care Duties
Eg: Child needs feeding, potty training and etc
Health Conditions
Eg: Elderly with a medical condition and would need specific care etc
Eg: Pet care, plant care, etc