Our Smart Helpers are strongly encouraged to practice the following at all times

Above all, our Smart Helpers are trained to be polite and well-mannered at all times during service. Their mobile phones and other communication devices will be switched off or placed on silent or vibrate mode throughout the day unless instructed otherwise.

Our Smart Helpers will have to notify you immediately if for any reason they are unable to be on duty for the day or have to take a medical leave from work due to falling ill. They are also trained to finish duties within a reasonable amount of time, and report their work progress to you.

Our Smart Helpers must, at all times keep their appearance clean and tidy. Wearing flashy accessories, heavy make-up or sexy clothing is strictly prohibited by us.

Our Smart Helpers should make a purchasing list and keep all receipts to avoid any disputes and refrain from including any personal interests into these transactions. They are also advised to admit to mistakes and apologize when at fault.

Our Smart Helpers are trained to be careful and take care of the household and electrical appliances as to not damage your belongings when cleaning the house. They are also encouraged to be open to learning new skills from you whilst on the job.

Our Smart Helpers are trained to listen to your requests and respect your directions and expectations. They are also reminded to discuss any problems with you should be any safety concerns or unreasonable requests and expectations.

Our Smart Helpers are also strictly prohibited from the following whilst on duty:
Smoking, drinking, gambling or any activities deemed unprofessional.
  • Shouting or uttering vulgar words
  • Refrain from using employers’ belongings for private purposes
  • Never under any circumstance, disclose employers’ identity, confidential or personal information