Frequently Asked Questions
Selection and Interview
  • Where should we conduct the interview with the Smart Helper we selected?
    • You may conduct the interview at our branch at a set date and time or we could even bring the Smart Helper over to your home for the interview.
  • What should I ask during the interview?
    • Here are some examples of interview questions:
      ● Can you briefly introduce yourself?
      ● What kind of skills do you have?
      ● Do you have any relevant work experience?
      ● What household duties are you capable of doing?
      ● What are your expertise in household duties?
      ● Where did you receive training as a Smart Helper?
      ● Should the need arise, would you be able to work overtime or on holidays?

Before Employment
  • If a Smart Helper is hired under a verbal contract would I, as the employer, be bound by the verbal agreement?
    • Smart Helpers CANNOT be hired on a verbal agreement. A written contract provided by TNY that sets out the terms and conditions of employment will have to be signed prior to hiring. Both parties are bound by the terms of the agreement in accordance to the Employment Rules and Regulations.

  • What is the basic salary for a Smart Helper?
    • We do not determine the salaries of our Smart Helpers. The rates are market driven and will have to be mutually agreed upon by the employer and Helper. It is common that a higher salary will be requested by Helpers for vacancies that require more than just basic housekeeping or extended working hours as listed below:
      ● Complicated job nature or jobs requiring special skills
      ● Required to work on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • How should wages be calculated and paid to Smart Helpers?
    • Wages are calculated on a monthly basis and paid on time to the Helpers at the end of each month including paid medical leave should your Helper fall ill during service.

During the Course of Employment
  • Should we provide their Smart Helpers with cleaning kits and tools?
    • Smart Helpers only provide their skills and services under the employment contract. The wages paid to the Helpers will not include the provision of any job-related kits or tools.
  • Should we let Smart Helpers work alone at home?
    • You should consider whether sufficient trust and mutual understanding have been built up with your Helper and ensure that your valuables are stored properly before leaving your Helper alone in the house. For better supervision, it is advised that someone should stay home while your Helper is working in order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings or disputes arising from the work arrangements or the loss of any belongings.
  • What employers should do if they suspect their Smart Helpers had broken or stolen their property?
    • You should discuss calmly with your Helper to fully understand the actual circumstances. You may also seek our assistance for mediation of the disputes if necessary. If criminal offence(s) are involved, you should immediately contact the police.

      *Please note that although our smart helpers are trained professional in what they do, due to varying human behaviour in every individual, we cannot guarantee that such incidents will not occur.
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